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Cool chimney air trough
Esfahan casting industry

Conductor of the most complete and most complete air circulation systems for the first time in Iran
Cooling tower ( Cooling tower ) Is a system that transfers heat from a fluid to another fluid. This system is used to cool water distilled water around the coil and panel of all induction furnaces - rolling lines - billet and ... Used.
Cooling old troughs and streams by water spraying in the shape of distilled water cools the pipes, which is an old system with the following drawbacks.
1-Extremely high water consumption, which is very harmful to the health of the country (open water cycle is for an induction furnace with a typical capacity of about 5 to 6 cubic meters per day).
2-High installation cost due to the number of components used in it.
3-Low efficiency relative to the amount of power consumed and the waste of water in the open cycle.
4-The lack of environmental compatibility due to the successive generation of open-air water vapor
5-High maintenance costs due to the presence of water and steam in the open cycle, which leads to the formation of deposition and acid and mechanical corrosion in various parts.
6-The need for at least two annual services for decontamination and repair of corrosion and decay, which itself causes several shifts of the birth line closure
In total, this system It is very costly and low-cost, and the only reason for its use on a large-scale industrial scale in Iran is the lack of proper replacement for it.

Cooling Tower with Cool Air System:

In this system, the fluid is used to cool the water in the system. As the distilled water in the system does not circulate in aluminum copper radiators, it cools through the air blades through a high pressure passage by several electric fans.

Advantages of this system :

1. Drinking water zero
2. Low installation costs, downtime and up to four shifts for installation
3. High efficiency of the unit to the amount of power consumed
4. No need for large space to install
5. Required and limited components
6. Complete compatibility with the environment and the lack of production of waste or gas
7. No need for annual precipitation
8. The cost of repairs is very low
Therefore, in light of all of the above, the company is ready to calculate, build, implement and install the new Cooling Tower system for the first time in Iran and is fully guaranteed in all affiliated industries.


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