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In 2004, Kousheshagaran Company, a group of experienced artisans of casting iron and steel, worked on an area of land 10000 The square meter located in Alawije Industrial Park. After several years, the company has been able to name itself as one of the most equipped cast-iron and steel mills with the help of experienced and experienced personnel of the day. Having full production process from the design and modeling stage to machining and packaging, the use of advanced quality control labs, including the capabilities of this set.

Company Services:

settings Production of all kinds of aluminum castings and billets in various sizes (machined), various types of aluminum billets, various types of ingot molds, filters and ...With the brand SCS

 Production of various types of steel billet cups, tannic (molds for molten alloys) per ton, various dimensions and special analysis

 Production of lifting balancing weights, loader and ...In every tonnage and shape and dimension 

settings Design and manufacture of various molds

settings Casting parts with complex forms and high tonnage

settings Perform machining services (turning, milling, drilling)

settings Casting of cast iron and steel parts of the oil and gas industry up to 10 tons

settings Perform all stages of manufacturing all industrial parts from casting to machining

settings Production of various types of lions and wools used in various industries, including gas and oil

settings Perform laboratory services (material analysis and metallography) according to the 17025 standard

settings Production of all kinds of gray iron ingots, ductile and white with a customer-friendly analysis of the brand Cast iron ingot SCS

settings Casting of all kinds of cast and steel parts used in stationary machines up to 10 tons

settings The design of the mold and the manufacture of all kinds of industrial gears, gearshift shells and auto parts with wings