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 foundry Industries

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favicon In 2004, Koosheshgaran Co. started its work with a team of experienced artisans of casting iron and steel at an area of 10,000 square meters located in Alawije Industrial Park.
favicon Among the products of this company are aluminum castings, due to the very low rate of release of iron, it is a very suitable alternative for imported graphite bushes. Aluminum Billets, Heavy Industrial Parts, Tanisha and Coils, as well as Balancing Forklifts, Loaders and ... In various assemblies and very high circulation, including the products of this company.


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Raw steel production methods


Crude steel is produced from two methods:
Raw iron production in long furnace and steel production
Production of crude steel from iron or scrap iron in electric furnace

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Welded Steel Elements


Steel is said to be carbon, which is a percentage of its weight.Steel properties are based on carbon percentage, heat treatment and alloying materials.

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