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The facilities and equipment of Isfahan Kasheshgaran Company are as follows:

settings  Equipped with the Metallurgical and Metallurgical Laboratory in accordance with the standard 17025 Which includes the quantum machine ARL Switzerland to test the analysis of all types of samples and microscopes with the capability to capture the surface of the sample to determine the gradation.

settings Induction melting furnaces include furnace 1.5 German tone and kiln 4 The British ink ductrom is capable of casting cast iron and steel parts up to weight 10 Tone has.

settings The machining unit includes milling and milling machines and drills for machining and machining services.

settings Molding and modeling unit which is capable of modeling all industrial parts even with complex form.

settings Using blast and sandblast machines to clean parts according to customer's request.

settings Screw and reservoir wind pump CO2 Which speeds up customer service delivery.